EVAN CHISNALL, 6th-Generation Farmer, Mid-Canterbury – 4,000 cows, 1,000 calves.

Relative newcomers to dairying, Evan and Maxine converted the farm in 2007 from a sheep, beef and cropping enterprise. Milking 4,000 cows, in three sheds, on three farms and with a herd empty rate of only 3.5%, these cows are doing the production and getting pregnant.


ANDREW & KELLY CLARK, Opotiki, Bay of Plenty, farm 290 cows on a Hilly dairy farm.

“I raise the calves,” says kelly. “we used an ad-lib milk regime of 8-10L a day. Our farm consultant had read the research on the Queen of Calves programme and she thought it was worthwhile, so in 2009 we made the decision to change. We’ve followed the programme; the calves wean two weeks earlier, there’s no check at weaning.”

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